University Kiwanis Park Playground Fundraiser!

Help the University Kiwanis Club of Wichita Falls Raise Funds for a new playground at University Kiwanis Park. The new playground will focus specifically on kids two to five years old and will be the only playground in the Wichita Falls park system specifically targeting this age group.

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About The New Playground

The University Kiwanis Club of Wichita Falls, known for its 64 years of Pancake Festivals, is making plans to install an inclusive age 2-5 playground at the city-owned University Kiwanis Park on Southwest Parkway and has entered the Legacy of Play competition to help fund the playground. This will be the only playground In the Wichita Falls Park system specifically for children 2-5 in the city. We already have $100,000 towards this project from our reserve fund, and are seeking additional funding through grants, public donations, and hopefully the Legacy of Play competition to install the expansive 70’ x 140’ playground, the total cost of which will be around $210,000.00. The new playground will be adjacent to the existing 5-12 playground, which we also helped fund, so that parents will be able to supervise both ages of children simultaneously. The Parks Department estimates the park is used by around 40,000 people annually, making it the second most-used park in the city.

We will have to pay for excavation, the concrete retaining wall around the perimeter to contain the ADA compliant engineered wood fiber, the installation, and the 5’ concrete walkway encircling the perimeter, complete with distance markers, in addition to the cost of the equipment itself. There will be four pads with benches and trash cans.

The University Kiwanis Club has a long-standing (40+ years) relationship with the City Parks Department, contributing about $5,000 each year to the Parks Department from the concession stand in the park, which we operate during ball season, for upkeep and improvement to the park. We operate the stand with the help of the members of the three Key Clubs and one Builders Club which we sponsor. The students love working in the concession stand alongside our members. We plan to continue our support to the park.

The Parks Department is helping by moving an electric pole and the power to it, moving a water line that runs through the playground site, and taking down the tree in the center which is half-dead. The Parks Department will also install all the ADA compliant fiber that goes under the structures.

University Kiwanis Park is a great place for children. In addition to the existing 5-12 playground, it contains four ball fields which the YMCA uses for its baseball and softball tournaments. It also contains a pavilion with 12 picnic tables and four picnic shelters with tables. There is also a kite flying area and a prairie dog town. The park encompasses approximately 60 acres; there is ample parking already existing. We believe the addition of this playground will round out the offerings of the park and encourage physical activity of all ages of children.

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