“A child, more than all other gifts that Earth can offer to declining man, brings hope with it and forward-looking thoughts”. This epigraph (written by William Wordsworth) was used by George Eliot at the beginning of her novel Silas Marner: The Weaver of Ravloe. The line was very easy to remember because of the strong coherence with my own belief system. The children we raise today will define the future of our society. Kiwanis is about children. Our old motto – Young Children: Priority One – is still a great motto. Sadly, there are children who desperately need the attention and help of adults, children who need an adult role model to help shape their world view, children who are in need of basic necessities, both in our community and around the world. Kiwanis International played a critical role in eliminating Iodine Deficiency Disorder around the globe by providing iodizing equipment for salt sources, something America did eighty-years earlier. Kiwanis International is currently working with international partners to eradicate maternal and neonatal tetanus with a simple and inexpensive vaccination. Locally, through the magnificent support of the Wichita Falls community for our annual Pancake festival at MPEC, University Kiwanis supports children through our Christmas Program in four elementary schools in the Wichita Falls ISD. And we do so much more.


The world is in need of more giving and less taking. Come join us in our quest to improve the lives of the children in our community. “Many hands make a light load”. We have many forms of membership that will fit any schedule and budget. Check out our FaceBook page or find me on FaceBook personally. As the author Jim Collins wrote in his research regarding great companies, we need the right people on our bus in the right seats.  Then University Kiwanis can do some pretty impressive things and make a better future. Come help us make this year fun and productive.


John E. Rhoads

President 2019 – 2020