Today Club

There is no other way to give to so many areas—to touch the lives of so many children and communities—and in so many different ways than by giving a Gift of Today. Gifts of Today come to the Kiwanis Children's Fund from individuals, clubs and other entities. These gifts are the backbone of our organization. Through consistent yearly gifts, one person, one club and one contribution at a time, Kiwanians extend their impact to the children of the world. 

The Today Club program honors clubs that achieve a minimum per-member giving level from active dues-paying members during the Kiwanis administrative year, which runs from October 1 through September 30. Gifts of Today from clubs, individuals and other entities to the Kiwanis Children's Fund will be counted in determining per-member giving. The per-member giving level for clubs is based on the September 30 membership certified by Kiwanis International.

Clubs can reach one of these per-member giving levels by making an unrestricted gift to the Children's Fund. Whether it’s club gifts or individual gifts, any Gift of Today will be counted toward your club’s per-member giving average.

These club recognitions are awarded annually at the end of the Kiwanis year. Eligible clubs will be determined by the Kiwanis Children's Fund. There are four recognition levels: Blue, Silver, Gold and Diamond. To achieve one of these four levels, clubs must reach the following per-member giving average:

  • Blue, US$10
  • Silver, US$25
  • Gold, US$50
  • Diamond, US$100